Software for a stock broker: Journey from not knowing how to code to opening an IT company

Technologies Used:

Background Story:
In 2015 when i completed my SLC(now called SEE-This is a final exam for 10th graders in Nepal), I had 3 months holiday. At that time, I knew how to code in HTML and CSS only. One of my brother in relatives (Dipak Dai) who used to work in a Stock Broker firm in Nepal asked me if I could create a website for his firm. I told him that I could give it a try and our project started. I didn't know how to code in PHP so I asked my friend for help. He used to work in an IT company and told me that he knows how to code in PHP. When the deadline for the project was near I came to know that he doesn't code in PHP. I was betrayed by a friend and the deadline was coming near. So, I was had no other choices than learning back-end programming myself. And then I learned PHP and SQL myself and started doing this project. I was able to code this project myself and later me and Dipak Dai started our own IT company (Zenith IT Solutions).

About The Project:

This project is a web application for a stock broker company in Nepal. Clients of the stock broker company could see their stocks balance and their current market rate using this software. This software was the first software to introduce this feature in Nepali stock market. It had a login panel for clients who could see their stock balance details and message to the stock broker company directly. It had a admin panel for the stock broker where they could create accounts for their clients, manage payments, send message to them and upload data from their main software in CSV format. This web app also was Content Management System for clients website.

Technological challenges and technologies used:

The main challenge for me at that time was to make secured login and to process CSV data form other software. being new to Back-end programming it was difficult for me. And after completing this project it was difficult to manage the server. Server used to shutdown while processing the transaction details and total balance CSV file. For that i wrote the code once again and changed the processing algorithm. I was also new to server management so i learnt using CPanel and WHM. This application taught me many technologies. Since this software also worked as CMS for clients website, I wrote my own CMS for the first time. Managing image upload and PDF upload was also a challenging task.

My thoughts about this project

This project was my first professional project. I learned many technologies and ideas with this project. It was all because of Dipak Dai. He helped me a lot. We created an IT company just to work on this particular project. We also sold this software to other clients too. It was a great start for me as a freelancer. This project also taught me about stock market in Nepal.

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