My First CMS: Wordpress or self created?

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My First CMS: Wordpress or self created?


After doing my first professional project the same company asked me to create their website. At that time, only few stock broker in Nepal had a website. That was not the first website for me but it was my first website with a back-end. I was confused weather to use WordPress or other CMS available in the market.  So at first I choose WordPress and started writing a WordPress theme. At first it was really going well. I was doing Object Oriented PHP for the first time. But for my specific needs like uploading PDF notice and uploading pdf files in downloads section. Writing my own code than using WordPress's existing features was more. I tried Joomla and Drupal too but for my use case all these were overkill and heavy. So, I didn't use any existing CMS and started coding my own CMS. I used PHP for the Backend and Bootstrap for the frontend.


The main challenge for me was to create a CMS that any non-programmers could use. For that I was in search of What You See Is What You Get(WYSIWYG) style text editor that would convert normal MS Word like design to HTML and CSS code. I searched and tired a lot of
WYSIWYG text editors many of those were not free. At last I ended up using NiceEdit for my CMS. NiceEdit was easy to use HTML text editor at that time and was free of cost. The other challenges were file upload system for downloads page, Slideshow manager for the homepage. There was also a popup notice manager too.

Different features and drawback:

For the PDF file system I created a page where users could define where they are going to post the file to and upload the file. and at the bottom of the page a list of the uploaded files where only option available was to delete the file. And there was no option to edit a posted content. To edit the posted content users should delete and write a new post which was the main drawback of this CMS. NiceEdit did its job but after 1 year it removed feature for image upload. My CMS was a fail for me but my client never used image upload feature so it didn't matter for them.

You can check the website here: (Update: I'm currently working in a new design and CMS for this site)

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My First CMS: Wordpress or self created?

BackgroundAfter doing my first professional project the same company asked me to create their websit

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