Writing my first android app: hybrid app with cordova.

Technologies Used:

In 2017 when I had just completed my web app for a stock broker company, I was learning new technologies. I wanted to give a try to desktop and smartphone apps. I learned Java and created simple calculator app in Java for fun.I didn't like coding in java but loved coding in Python/PHP. After that I've never used Java in my projects. I wanted to create a smartphone app. So, I installed Android Studio. Android Studio was so heavy that my computer was struggling to run it. At one point I had given up making a smartphone app.

After some days I was asked by one of my friend to work as QA for an app created by his company. When I started working as QA for that app I came to know that it was coded in Ionic: a framework for creating hybrid app. Up to that point I didn't know about Hybrid apps. After that I started searching about hybrid app frameworks and started coding. It was easier for me because I already had knowledge of JS. I used phonegap and cordova to make android app.

My first android app was also related to stock market. It was a simple app to calculate broker commission while buying and selling shares in Nepal. It also had a feature to check current market price of different stocks.You can download and check this app here:

I also created a quiz app for android but I don't have code/app now.

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