My biggest project ever: A complete system for a 'Abroad Studies Consultancy'

Technologies Used:

After I came to Japan, I was busy with my Japanese language studies. One of my friend called from Nepal asking me if I was available to work on a project. I said him "I would look into it but I'm not sure". Later I managed my time and started working on this project alone. This is one of the biggest professional project I've ever done.
It had a lot of features and was difficult for me to code alone. It took me about 3 months to complete this project for me. There was member approval system, bill payment system, document sending system, chatting system, and also a CMS for its website. This time I used Summernote for editing texts. It has 3 separate login panels: one for students, one for partners and other for admin. Admin panel also has 2 different features one for super admin and the others for staffs.
Admin panel:

Admin panel has 3 different sections. First section is to manage students. Staffs can add a student, message them, ask them for payment, and update their visa progress.

Second section is partner section. Partner section is to manage partners . Partners are universities or other consultancies abroad. Staffs can get student details from other universities/ consultancies. You can send and receive bills to/from the partners to make the payment. You can also send visa documents and current status of students to a partner and also receive those information.

Third section is a normal CMS for their website. And there is also a profile section to change the password and add admins if you are a superuser.

Students Panel

Student panel didn't have a lot of features. Students could check their visa application status, check the messages from admin and could also send message and documents for application to the admin. Students could also check bills from the admin.

From message menu students can send messages to admin and also send visa documents.

From Progress menu students could check their visa application status.

Partner Panel

Partner Panel is a login for partner universities/ agents. Partner organizations could send/receive students. They could message to the admin. They could also send bills, create and send student details to the admin. It also has the message feature like in the student section.


The CMS for the website was included in the admin panel. I used summernote this time to manage contents.


This project is one of the biggest project I've ever done. I created this project all by myself. This was my first time using summernote and ajax  in a professional project. I've learned a lot of new things through this project. After making this site I've a standard for CMS which I can use in different site.

You can check this website here:

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My biggest project ever: A complete system for a 'Abroad Studies Consultancy'

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