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My first project using arduino and raspberry pi: A door lock system

After I entered college I Joined a workshop called "Physical computing workshop". It was a club like

Technologies Used: Arduino,Line API,C,Raspberry Pi,Python,PyQT5,Serial communication,MySQL


My biggest project ever: A complete system for a 'Abroad Studies Consultancy'

After I came to Japan, I was busy with my Japanese language studies. One of my friend called from Ne

Technologies Used: HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,JQuery,SQL,Bootstrap,CPanel,WHM,Summernote,Captcha-Authentication


Writing my first android app: hybrid app with cordova.

In 2017 when I had just completed my web app for a stock broker company, I was learning new technolo

Technologies Used: HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,JQuery,SQL,Bootstrap,CPanel,WHM,Phonegap,Cordova,Java


Simple file sharing system with PHP

This is the easiest professional app I've ever made.This file sharing system was created for

Technologies Used: HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,JQuery,SQL,Bootstrap,CPanel,WHM


My First CMS: Wordpress or self created?

BackgroundAfter doing my first professional project the same company asked me to create their websit

Technologies Used: HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,JQuery,SQL,Bootstrap,CPanel,WHM,NiceEdit,wordpress


Software for a stock broker: Journey from not knowing how to code to opening an IT company

Background Story:In 2015 when i completed my SLC(now called SEE-This is a final exam for 10th gr

Technologies Used: HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,JQuery,SQL,Bootstrap,CPanel,WHM

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